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When pakauthor started working on the novel series, she asked me to explore Fru—the world in which the characters live—and record the elements of the world’s peoples, cultures, and geography so her work would be as accurate as possible. Excited to be part of this project, I immediately started exploring Fru.

You may find some Fruian nations comparable to those on Earth, but be aware that Fruians know nothing of Earth and are not related to us in any way.

That being said, let’s explore the culture of the nations in Fru, from desolate Proulx, to majestic Genshormen, to the lush Woodlands, to magical Evgenisia, to frostbitten Malarmé, and to the mighty Kaesong Empire. Enjoy your journey with me through the world of Fru, and prepare to be amazed at its wonders.

Currently, the only pages with content is under Stories, Facts, and other Things and Musical Score. I will fill the other pages with juicy info when I find time.

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