Overview of Genshormene Religion

Most Fruian scholars theorize that the Genshormene religion, known as Sanguicism, originated as a corruption of the Evgenisian religion (to be described in a later post). The assumption does sound probable as certain deities resemble figures from the Evgenisian religion, such as the Amara and the Evgenisian triune God. The Genshormene religion also supports the supremacy of Genshormen over all the other lands of Fru. Therefore, some scholars believe that the religion was specially made to support the Genshormene government and society. However, most Genshormenes would say that their religion was discovered and taught by their forefather, Genshoric, and not overtime by authorities.

That does not indicate that no one developed the doctrines. Several important figures in Genshormene history transcribed the old chants and delineated ceremonial procedures; others wrote out creeds and catechisms to teach future generations; and others wrote volumes of books instructing on the significance and meaning behind religious customs, traditions, and doctrine. Some of these works are considered divinely inspired, others human invention, but all were considered essential to Genshormene education. Many of their authors are venerated and worshipped by Genshormene citizens today.

Sanguicism is currently headed by the High Priest, and all citizens of Genshormen are expected to follow its tenets and partake in its ceremonies. Doubters and dissenters are cruelly punished. Benigno Blanquez, as the son of a consejero, is immune to such punishments, but he will be unable to stand against the current power of Sanguicism.


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