Pantheon of Genshormen

Stained glass dominated the interior, depicting the Genshormene gods. Every inch of the remaining wall surface was brilliantly colored and richly decorated. Echoes filled the open space as they ran, inducing a strange harmony of steps. The looming statues lining the front of the chapel represented the fifteen chief gods and goddesses in the religion.

From Return of Darkness Ch 3
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Gods family tree.pngThe family tree of the gods.

Although there are myriads of Genshormene gods, there are fifteen major divinities:

  1. Sanguius, the King of the gods
  2. Theostorga, the goddess of fertility and life, his mother
  3. The Amara, a trinity of goddesses of love who with Theostorga begot Sanguius
    • The Amara can be further split into the three goddesses: Agapere, the goddess of true love; Erota, the goddess of impassioned love, and Philias, the goddess of loving friendship.
  4. Ferrjos, the god of crafts and Theostorga’s husband
  5. Legara, the goddess of law
  6. Scientarsus, the god of knowledge
  7. Kephasi, the goddess of agriculture
  8. Jedesophe, the goddess of wisdom
  9. Belarchus, the god of war
  10. Neoni, the goddess of renewal and water
  11. Apulokion, god of healing, art, and prophecy
  12. Ferassise, the goddess of wild animals, the moon, and virginity
  13. Jilevirmes, god of commerce, messengers, travelers, and diplomats
  14. Baptifesti, goddess of prosperity, celebration, and music
  15. Genshoric, the founder of Genshormen and god of history, fate, and time.

Each of these fifteen deities also has unique symbols and imagery, organized in the table below:



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