The Consejeros of Genshormen

“Is this really necessary? He’s doing just fine here, and you know perfectly well I will not allow him to go off…”
“I am sorry to interrupt you, Excelentísimo Señor Consejero Blanquez de Pubblica Istruzione, but the High Priest’s jurisdiction is higher than that of the consejeros.”
“You mean to say the jurisdiction of the Consejero Herrera de la Conquista is higher than mine.”
From Return of Darkness Ch 2
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The Consejero’s are the Ministers and, after the revolution, the oligarchs of Genshormen. Benigno’s great-grandparents’ generation went through a civil war that ended the Genshormene monarchy and gave full governmental power to the Consejeros and the High Priest.

There are five Consejeros:
  1. Consejero de la Conquista (Minister of Conquest)
  2. Consejero de Pubblica Istruzione (Minister of Education)
  3. Consejero de Giustizia (Minister of Justice)
  4. Consejero de la Economia e la Finanze (Minister of Finance)
  5. Consejero de Politiche Agricole (Minister of Agriculture)

Currently, with the successful invasion of Proulx, the Consejero de la Conquista, Teovald Herrera, is the de facto leader of the Consejeros. He and Consejero Blanquez are the youngest of the Consejeros, being only in the mid-30s, while the other Consejero’s lived through the civil war.

There is tension between the younger Consejeros and the older Consejeros, especially since Consejero Herrera currently holds a lot of power. But Benigno’s challenge against Genshormene status quo has put some strain on the friendship between Consejero Blanquez and Consejero Herrera.

The Consejeros are also heads of powerful households with heirs to succeed them. However, Consejero Blanquez will have to find a new heir through a son-in-law, since Benigno is currently unable to succeed him. Consejero Herrera, on the other hand, has a capable teenage son fully equipped to succeed his father at any time.


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