Update on Concept Art

Teaser of one of my drawings

Those of you who have seen my copies of Yana Toboso’s sketches (they’re at my Facebook profile) have been dying to see me draw some originals. Currently, I’m working on sketches of characters and settings that relate to this novel. However, drawing original characters is much more difficult than copying an existing piece since I have to slowly perfect the features of the face and maybe even design their clothing.

Also, since I am currently teaching myself the art of drawing characters, my drawings will be rough at the start. I am certain that my skills will grow as I draw more and more.

But at least I have gotten started on my drawing work. I am using Clip Studio Paint Pro(previously known as Manga Studio) to color my ink drawings, but it’s only the trial version. The full version is $47.99, which I can’t afford right now. If you’d like to support my artwork, feel free to donate through the donation link at www.pakauthor.com.


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