Why the Prejudice?

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks, which is pretty bad as far as keeping a blog goes. But, I’m back and will post on chapters 5 and 6 of Return of Darkness this week.

So, one of the key themes of Return of Darkness is racial discrimination (or on the flip side, racial supremacism). So far, the primary focus of this theme has been on Genshormene supremacy. Genshormenes believe they hold the natural right to conquer other nations, and Benigno Blanquez challenges this idea among many others due to his friendship with the Kaesong Empire diplomat FengHua and the Malarmese Heimtuckish family.

But we get a different perspective on racial discrimination in the eyes of Sabra Eshkol in chapter 5. As a Proulk, she has suffered discrimination as a slave to Genshormene masters, but she also holds prejudice against the pale folk.

A pale boy, with hair as black as jet, stood silently at the door. Sabra generally thought of herself as a person who strives to be unprejudiced. After all, her people were stepped on and enslaved. But she could not control the split-second reaction, the reaction of suspicion and mistrust.

From Return of Darkness, Ch 5
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 Why the prejudice against the pale folk (aka Pallasians)? Well, the chapter explains that the Pallasians were enslaved “in ages past” and that most of them live in either poverty or slavery. In order to justify their enslavement, other Fruian peoples came up with certain excuses. Genshormenes claimed that Pallasians were the least evolved; Evgenisians presume that Pallasians are an evil race; Malarmese blame them for their hardships; Proulks considered them lawless and dangerous; and Woodlanders suspect them as greedy thieves. (The Kaesongenes do not hold prejudice against Pallasians due to their isolation) In the face of discrimination, Pallasians often resorted to crime, reinforcing the prejudices against them.

There, it is no surprise that Sabra is quick to suspect Faolan when he arrives at the door. As for me, I sympathize with the Pallasian race for suffering discrimination, but I still suspect Faolan. Why does he carry all those weapons? Hopefully we get an answer soon.


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