Parallels between Genshoric and Benigno

Both men realized that something was wrong with society. Both search for the truth to help their people. Both are persecuted by their countrymen. However, Genshoric is seen as the founder of Genshormen and god of history, fate, and time, while Benigno is sentenced to death by human sacrifice.

The story of Genshoric can be read here, but in short, Genshoric was man from the early days of Fru. As an inhabitant of the desert lands currently known as Genshormen, he lamented the immoral actions of his fellow men, and sought the truth to save his people. He eventually found the gods, who helped him spread the truth and found Genshormen. Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, I can’t help but notice the similarities between Genshoric and Benigno. And if that is the case, Benigno’s success might mean another revolution for Genshormen. Fearing this, —Genshormen had just settled from a revolution about 100 years ago—the authorities are desperate to crush Benigno’s crusade. But if Benigno is as zealous at Genshoric, he will stop at nothing until he finds the truth and tell it to his people.

Featured image: Tree of Truth by Hartwig HKD (license).

P.S. While we are on the topic of parallels between mortal characters and mythical gods, does anyone else notice that Ferrjos and Ferrucio share the same root: “Ferr”?


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