7 Nations, 7 Elements, 7 Diærinäns, 7 Chapters

Last Friday, Pakwriter1 released Chapter 7 of her online novel, Return of Darkness. Chapters are published weekly on Fridays and require a free pakauthor.com account to read.

In chapter 7, Authion informs Sabra that she may be eligible to become a Diærinän, and explains their role to Sabra, Luxifer, and Faolin. Readers with good memory would recall that FengHua also explained this to Benigno in Chapter 2.

Authion ignored the sarcasm. “These magical Diærinäns, unbridled by the nations, assemble to give counsel and advice to the countries of this world. Long ago, when the Diærinäns were form’d, only the Haltija could become Diærinäns. But now, as the Haltijas die away, and they hath debat’d long amongst themselves on what is to be done. Three of the Diærinäns, including my teacher, discover’d that one human from each culture will be born or hath been born with powers corresponding to those of the Diærinäns.”

Authion explains about the Diærinäns
Return of Darkness, ch. 7

There are a total of 7 Diærinäns for each of the seven elements: Aquae, Aurae, Faunae, Flammae, Florae, Lucis, and Petrae. The origin of these words are plainly from Latin. Aquae is the genitive (possessive) form of “aqua” – water, Aurae the genitive form of “aura” – air, Flammae the genitive form of “flamma” – fire, Lucis the genitive form of “lux” – light, and Petrae the genitive form of “petra” – rock. Faunae and Florae are interesting because the Latin Fauna and Flora are names of goddesses. However, Pakwriter1 probably wishes to use Faunae to represent animals and florae to represent plants.

As Authion explained, Diærinäns were historically from the Haltija race, but the race is going extinct. Typically, Diærinäns rule for a 1000 years before passing down their responsibilities to the next generation. Therefore, three current Diærinäns proposed recruiting humans to fulfill this role in the next age. These humans should have the power to control a certain element and be granted long life for a 1000 years.

So, in theory these 7 humans would come from the 7 countries of Fru, except there are really only 6 countries, since Pallasia was eradicated as a nation thousands of years ago. And, of course, with any scattered race, there isn’t a “pure” Pallasian race anymore. So, who will be that 7th Diærinän? Some say that there shouldn’t be a 7th since that Diærinän would have to learn from Morschadon himself.

Morschadon was the first human Diærinän, the Diærinän of Aurae probably because there was no Haltija with aerokinesis. Therefore, the other 3 Diærinäns who oppose the proposition fear that the human Diærinäns would follow his path. However, the clock is ticking as they reach the 1000th year of their cycle.

Current potential Diærinäns:

Aquae: FengHua Nakasone

Petrae: Within the Blanquez house in chapter 2

Flammae: Authion Verleugnen

Faunae: Sabra Eshkol

Image: Art by me. The 7 marbles on the first row represent the new Diærinäns in the following order: water, stone, fire, air, light, flora, fauna. The black marble below them represents Morschadon.

This post is in response to this weeks Discover Challenge: Numbers


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