Going to Spain and Portugal this summer! (Please donate)

Well, not me, pakwriter1 is going there on a college choir tour. They announced the tour plans last year, so I actually auditioned for the choir in August, but I didn’t make it in, LOL 😢.

However, I refused to give up on going to Spain and Portugal with my friend and started a GoFundMe campaign (here). You might be thinking, why can’t pakwriter1 just go on her own? Well, she’ll be going there to sing choir songs in various churches in Granada, Seville, and Faro, so she won’t have much time to research the architecture and the feel of the cities.

If you have been reading the novel at pakauthor.com, you would be quite familiar with Genshormen by now. In summary, the nation is loosely inspired by Spain and Italy. Also, the nation of Proulx is based on the Arab nations. So, by going to Spain and Portugal, I could take a look at both the Catholic, Moorish, and secular architectural works and get a more accurate picture of these cultures.

But all that information can be found online, so why try to travel there? Well, I thought online research (and books) was good enough until I watched a video about Moana (I know, random). The Disney production team actually traveled to the Pacific Islands to conduct research for the movie. I realized then that I had to get up and actually go to the countries that inspired the Fruian nations, take photos, draw, record, etc. Nothing is more accurate than tangible, personal experience and eyewitness.

It would have been better if we had traveled to all the countries that inspired Fru before we started on the project, but what kids have that kind of money? But now that I’m legally an adult, I’m ready step out of my comfort zone and see places and really immerse myself into different cultures.

Of course, I still don’t have the money, especially money for airfare. And since I’m “stalking” my friend’s choir, the airfare + hotel is currently ~$7,000 (whew). So, if you’re feeling generous and passionate about accurate depictions of culture, please donate at GoFundMe.

PLEASE DONATE (I am grateful for any given amount)


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