Evgenisia, land of Paradise?

In Chapter 9 of Return of Darkness released last Friday, Luxifer and Sabra finally explore Evgenisia, the country of freedom, magic, and beautiful nature.

 “Evgenisia is actually quite large! I really want to go there someday.”

“Why? What’s so good about a place filled with trees?” Bored and confused, Andrew leaned against the wall, his shoes pressed up onto the desk.

“Well, for one, we’ve never seen trees,” said Benigno. “And, I read that magic exists there. As well as…” Benigno paused. His eyes fell and the smile left altogether as he finished quietly, “…freedom.”

from Chapter 3 of Return of Darkness

Luxifer’s image of Evgenisia comes from the musings of his friend, Benigno, who imagined Evgenisia as a land of freedom and magic. Indeed, compared to the desert Genshormen, the lush forests of Evgenisia is certainly a paradise.

However, all is not well in Evgenisia, as the travelers soon discover when they reach Garden Town. At a glance, Garden Town is a mini-paradise with a beautiful iron gate thousands of flowers growing from the ground, on bushes, and on trees. In fact only the natural wonders of the Woodlands and the serene gardens of Doksoolee could rival the beauty of the town. Yet the wondrous splendor falls apart as the travelers witness racism among the town’s inhabitants.

You can read further details on the encounter in Chapter 9, but, in short, the townspeople react negatively to the Pallasian Faolan, which wounds Luxifer’s faint hope that good people exist.

In any case, paradise cannot exist on Earth or on Fru.


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