A Town of Flowers

The hint of the fragrances expanded into a wave of scents and aromas, calming the hearts of the travelers, so that even Faolan’s constricted dread was assuaged. A myriad of colorful petals spun around them, floating like the dancers Luxifer had seen in the underground Genshormene theaters.

From Return of Darkness, Ch. 9

Flowers are becoming an ongoing motif in Return of Darkness, starting with the flowers in the Blanquez Garden and now the flowers of Garden Town. Other examples of the flower motif introduced in Chapter 9 is Sabra’s childhood garden and the flower candleholders back in Genshormen.

But this is the only flower imagery that focuses on the aroma of the flowers.

The green blanket covering the country was interspersed with a variety of colors and accompanied by apple blossoms and cherry blossoms in the trees. Fallen petals increased the lush softness of the ground as they walked. The scents grew stronger the longer they walked, an orchestra firing the mind with a tirade of notes to alight the senses…..

…..Aromas of the flowers mingled and danced into a heavenly scent, awakening the senses that were slaughtered during his captivity…Perhaps, for once, he had not entered another hell, but a new, dare he think it, heaven.

From Return of Darkness, Ch. 9

The focus on the aroma started with Faolan suggesting pine needles to prevent Luxifer’s flashbacks. The flowers do the same and more to help Luxifer. The floral scent rekindles Luxifer’s hope and optimism, albeit for a short while.

As the first Evgenisian town witnessed by Luxifer and Sabra, Garden Town is a beautiful introduction to the Evgenisian way of life. No other country in Fru would have town devoted to growing flowers and blossoms. If indeed the flowers represent freedom in this series, then it makes sense for Evgenisia to have the most flowers.

If that is the case, I wonder when the following imagery of a flower blossoming in a harsh environment will surface in the novel series?


Response to Daily Prompt: Aromatic


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