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Chapter 10 reveals the Diærinän Petrae

I know that Chapter 10 was published on December 9, 2016, but with final exams and the holidays, I've finally found the time to post on my blog. For those of you who haven't read Chapter 10, yet, a potential Diærinän Petrae is revealed close to the end of Chapter 10. I don't want to … Continue reading Chapter 10 reveals the Diærinän Petrae


Mental Illness in Return of Darkness, Part 1

Even with 10 chapters into Return of Darkness, we've come across several instances of mental illness (or abnormalities) in the characters. In this post I'll focus on Benigno's reaction to smiles and laughter. Benigno's thoughts drifted. I don't even allow my family the joy of smiling and laughing. What is wrong with me? It's not like they … Continue reading Mental Illness in Return of Darkness, Part 1

The Consejeros of Genshormen


“Is this really necessary? He’s doing just fine here, and you know perfectly well I will not allow him to go off…”
“I am sorry to interrupt you, Excelentísimo Señor Consejero Blanquez de Pubblica Istruzione, but the High Priest’s jurisdiction is higher than that of the consejeros.”
“You mean to say the jurisdiction of the Consejero Herrera de la Conquista is higher than mine.”
From Return of Darkness Ch 2
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The Consejero’s are the Ministers and, after the revolution, the oligarchs of Genshormen. Benigno’s great-grandparents’ generation went through a civil war that ended the Genshormene monarchy and gave full governmental power to the Consejeros and the High Priest.

There are five Consejeros:
  1. Consejero de la Conquista (Minister of Conquest)
  2. Consejero de Pubblica Istruzione (Minister of Education)
  3. Consejero de Giustizia (Minister of Justice)
  4. Consejero de la Economia e la Finanze (Minister of Finance)
  5. Consejero de Politiche Agricole (Minister…

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A Town of Flowers

The hint of the fragrances expanded into a wave of scents and aromas, calming the hearts of the travelers, so that even Faolan's constricted dread was assuaged. A myriad of colorful petals spun around them, floating like the dancers Luxifer had seen in the underground Genshormene theaters. From Return of Darkness, Ch. 9 Flowers are … Continue reading A Town of Flowers

Evgenisia, land of Paradise?

In Chapter 9 of Return of Darkness released last Friday, Luxifer and Sabra finally explore Evgenisia, the country of freedom, magic, and beautiful nature.  “Evgenisia is actually quite large! I really want to go there someday.” “Why? What's so good about a place filled with trees?” Bored and confused, Andrew leaned against the wall, his shoes … Continue reading Evgenisia, land of Paradise?

Going to Spain and Portugal this summer! (Please donate)

Well, not me, pakwriter1 is going there on a college choir tour. They announced the tour plans last year, so I actually auditioned for the choir in August, but I didn't make it in, LOL 😢. However, I refused to give up on going to Spain and Portugal with my friend and started a GoFundMe campaign … Continue reading Going to Spain and Portugal this summer! (Please donate)

7 Nations, 7 Elements, 7 Diærinäns, 7 Chapters

Last Friday, Pakwriter1 released Chapter 7 of her online novel, Return of Darkness. Chapters are published weekly on Fridays and require a free account to read. In chapter 7, Authion informs Sabra that she may be eligible to become a Diærinän, and explains their role to Sabra, Luxifer, and Faolin. Readers with good memory … Continue reading 7 Nations, 7 Elements, 7 Diærinäns, 7 Chapters

Parallels between Genshoric and Benigno

Both men realized that something was wrong with society. Both search for the truth to help their people. Both are persecuted by their countrymen. However, Genshoric is seen as the founder of Genshormen and god of history, fate, and time, while Benigno is sentenced to death by human sacrifice. The story of Genshoric can be read here, … Continue reading Parallels between Genshoric and Benigno

Ancient Africa: Inspiration for the Woodlands

If you can, name one Ancient African Kingdom. Did Egypt come to mind? Kush? Carthage? Ethiopia? Zimbabwe? Hollywood and even some textbooks make us think that Egypt is a Caucasian nation. Kush and Carthage are only familiar to those who read literature and mythology. Ethiopia and Zimbabwe are seen on the map, but how many people … Continue reading Ancient Africa: Inspiration for the Woodlands